Spiked Mouth's true form (3 antennas)

Spiked Mouth is a blob using spikes within his enimies being Aqua Mouth and Wizzy. His friends are Copy Guy, Jelly Man, Lightning Boy and Clam Chomp. His sister is Loli, but Spiked Mouth names her Motorclyd.


"I'm a real Spike-blob!" (Ages 3-6)

"What what what WHAT?!?" (Ages 18-34)

"Knifes. WHAAAH." (Ages 56-71)

"Ohh, OH MY GOSH." (Revealed Girl Form)


Spiked mouth revaled.

"JUST PAPER." (Saw Papertunt)

"Name?" (Saw Shreetagi)

"Wakn-wakn-wakn......bamnnnnnnn........" (Final Age)

"Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Tayiw bahhhhh.....mother.....sheeeeeee......leeeeeeeeeeee......." (Final Line?)

" I in heaven?" (Back to Yong in Heaven, True Final Line)


A picture of the Bral-A Prototype Boss Extra level with a boss that cannot appear in the final version: Rambiling Stufa

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